Monday, July 11, 2011

Letter One

Dearest London,
I’ve made it to Mrs. Tuner’s bed and Breakfast, and it only took me 12 months, yes, dear sister, I know, but time passes by so quickly and I had to wait for -the money. London should see this grand old place it’s just as we imaged, the Black Poplar trees tower above both sides of the gravel drive, their branches reaching towards the sun meeting in the middle, as if they were holding hands. There is a pond the size of our entire apartment filled with lily pads and golden fish of every dimension, London the grounds themselves are perfumed with the sweetest smell of the native flowers such as Burt Orchid’s, Dorest, Prim Rose and Pyramidal orchid Mrs. Tuner tells me her favorite is the common Poppy.
I want to thank you again for leaving the money to me. You have always been a kind sister looking out for not just me, but everyone who comes into your life. I will keep my promises and work towards opening the art gallery we have talked about in so many of our conversations.

I have yet to meet the other guest, Mrs. Tuner tells me that a young man from England will also be staying the weekend, she says Peter is bit of a odd egg.(how cute is she) He may not come down from his room at all. Well, this is ok by me if I don’t see him at all, this weekend is about us dear sister.

Tomorrow Mrs. Tuner will give me a tour of the home, I will make sure to take plenty of photos to send home to you. I do wish you had been able to a company me on this jaunt, I am not so fearless sister without you.
I do hope to make you proud.
Sleep well dear sister, I will dream of you tonight.

Your loving sister

Letters From Aspen

Locked Away is a grouping of letters found by my Grandmother in an old chest she purchased in London in the 1920”s.
I have taken the time to summaries the story of the letters the best I could. A few of the letters are missing and the handwriting is small and hard to read.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.